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A New Homeland Security Blog for State and Local Professionals

2012 March 3
by Jason Nairn, CPP, CISSP

Welcome to Homeland Security Roundtable!  This blog is dedicated to fostering discussion, collaboration and networking among homeland security professionals that operate at the state and local levels.

While homeland security at the federal level exists within statute and department, the state and local homeland security profession is less well-defined.  Research into this subject has found that state and local professionals engaged in homeland security activities are a diverse cadre of government officials that often perform multiple roles in their respective jurisdictions.  Those seem like interesting people to talk to… thus the roundtable.

A few things to note about this blog:

  • HLS = Homeland Security (that’s a lot less letters)
  • The format of this blog is simple.  More features will be added after we see if it goes.
  • I am seeking contributors that are current or former state or local homeland security professionals in responsible charge or individuals interested in state and local homeland security, such as academics interested in engaged and informed discussion.
  • Blog posts will be reviewed prior to posting.  Some light editing may be suggested and posts should be scholarly and informed.
  • Categories will be added / updated as content develops
  • This will be a public blog accessible via search.
  • This blog focuses on state and local issues.  This does not mean that national security issues are not discussed here.  What should be the focus is the affect of national policy on state and local programs.
  • I reserve the right to validate contributor’s identity if needed.
  • Suggestions are always welcome.
  • I will be inviting my colleagues from across the country to contribute.  Please feel free to suggest contributors.

I am excited to begin this blog and hope everyone finds it engaging to read.  It is hoped that it will provide a perspective not otherwise readily available – that of the state and local practitioner.  Thanks!

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